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Article >> 3 crucial Factors of Business Card Design that is going to sell or fail!!

3 crucial Factors of Business Card Design that is going to sell or fail!!

What happens when you are holding a business card, dialing number, preparing yourself for a conversation phase? Are you little bit nervous because the business card has created a wow-impression on you? Or perhaps you are smiling cruelly for the next sales in hands as the business card in hand didn’t allow you to be confused? Uhh another dumb business card, you are grumbling ehh?

That’s all about ‘Impression’ you create when you are not there but your business card is. It was just a trailer that why choosing a business card design stage is that crucial because every time with every person you won’t be meeting but your well-designed business card will be making a half effort that will let them remind ‘YOU’ and ‘YOUR BUSINESS’. It’s like a Green passport to enter in promotional/ advertising campaigns of your business. It doesn’t only create a professional image as per standard rituals but a cost effective marketing tool that can easily be taken and distributed to relevant brains.

3 Crucial Factors to be considered
Before choosing any template/ design for your business cards, be well-informed about these 3 factors. It will help you designing your own business card.

Follow the standard size that is 2 x 3.5, why because the same space is kept for cards in wallets and other keeping items etc. it is easy to keep and easy to handle but If you choose a customized size that is bigger or smaller then the standard size, then you are opting for a risk that people may or may not carry you business cards in their racks.

And if you have decided to play the risky-game then make sure your business card is fully equipped with creative or informative stuff that will entice people to keep them with.
At the back, Site maps, Emergency numbers, Standard measurement/ conversion tools etc can be printed.

Brightness, sharpness, boldness, sobriety etc are well illustrated by your color theme. Always choose your business card’s color by proper research. It must be well relevant to your business’ personality. Or you are asking your prospects to throw it off.

Though it’s a combination of above two factors but I wanted to discuss it individually because of its significance. Your business card should depict your business insightful side, and designing, color combination and content will work it as a team.

If you consider these crucial factors of business card designs then your half part is already completed. Now throw it on printing machine and be well promoted.

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