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Article >> CHARACTER LOGO | Add LIFE to your business!!!

CHARACTER LOGO | Add LIFE to your business!!!

Let your cartoon character draw your business promotions.                   

Are you laughing? Ok. Have you forgotten M & M's characters, the jolly green giant, the Fido of 7up, McDonald's clown?  These virtually alive characters mean big business for your brand.

However, it takes extensive time to get familiar with the customers' brains neurons but characters logo are becoming lucky charm for many giant companies that help them to get rapid recognition without consuming much time and cost.

It has been observed while starting new business, or introducing new brands or thinking on the diversifying techniques, people wanted to be known as FOMRAL and PROFESSIONAL therefore they chose a static emotionless logo. It doesn't talk through its features, doesn't flirt with customers which is very important, doesn't wink, doesn't smile even it doesn't support what business is all about because it has no personality. So when no personality, no business then.

Now you will learn what types of character logo you can design for your business and with what colors.

Various types of character logos are being used by companies. They are of different concepts representing the business nature to get the desired outcome. Age, gender, action etc can be variable but must be unique in ideas.

When it comes to colors scheme, it must not be a clutter of colors but simple and minimal. It is advised to use maximum 4 colors, preferably fewer because it confuses the whole concept.

Usage of colors and type can only be presented in particular animation. Bringing life to your business' character. From simple smiling face to moving action. It must have specific traits, attitude, likes, dislikes, tone, it's humorous or an experienced old personality, that helps companies in making individual personality. And, if you add voice to your virtual character then be ready for much recognition from people


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