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CaseStudy >> Cats And Dogs Pet Shop


Cats & Dogs was an indigenous pet shop focused on providing all types of pet animal, their food and health care. Observing the immense response of the business and appraisal by customers of their caring services, Cats & Dogs decided to expand. They wanted to open an online pet store through which they can cater larger amount of audience.


Cats & Dogs was perplexed to decide on how to start off an e-commerce website, without any prior experience in the area. Logo Bench provided them packaged web and logo design solution to facilitate their expansion. Soon after Cats & Dogs placed the order, we arranged a brainstorming session with the client along with our web developers and designer, logo design experts and business consultants. All the functional and non functional requirements for the website, and logo design ideas were extracted from the session and evaluated in detail. Design Consultants remained in contact with Cats & Dogs and kept them updated about ideas and progress. Several logo designs and website templates were shown to them of which they selected only two. The logo designs were subtlety refined and the website was added with improved features and hosted.


Cats & Dogs turned their idea of e-expansion into reality with the help of Logo Bench and soon got their presence online. They managed to expand their reach through online presence and got higher number of customers and Cats & Dogs is making heavier profits.

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