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CaseStudy >> Greenhouse Interiors


Green House wanted to start an interior decoration and gardening solutions business. They were young, newbie in the market without any experience but having a lot of enthusiasm for their passion to be entrepreneur. They needed a logo design that would represent their identity and makes them stand out in the competition.


Green House told our design consultants that they want such a logo design which should portray that they provide interior decoration as well as gardening solutions. The design should not contain too many colors and must be aesthetic. Logo Bench's designer developed 6 blue prints to show them and they instantly liked one idea. But it was asked to consider the logo in different fonts, colors and with minor variations. When Green House was absolutely contented, the logo was finalized and they started off their venture with the same logo.


The outcome was a stellar success for Green House. Not only did the sales sky rocket but the mass awareness created by the logo design made them well-known beyond imagination.

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