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CaseStudy >> Gulfstream Resorts


As it speaks through its name, that it's a High End, Luxury Resort that provides an affluent feel for family vacations, fishing charters, divers, and surfers. We thought that there needs to be such a resort that gets known for its luxury with the natural feel all around, like Parrots, Palm Trees, Sun, Surf, etc.


Gulfstream Resorts asked us for a logo which is bright and according to today's trend, which can attract the viewers towards the Resort. They wanted a logo which has bright colors and that gives a refreshing and energetic feeling. After doing market research they visited LogoBench and placed their order and in the end they got a landscape image logo design. It depicted their vision that shows the services Gulfstream is offering to their clients.


The results with such creative logo designed by LogoBench were instant and amazing. The revenue boosted up by folds and they were able to target huge audiences. For an inspirational design Gulf Stream resorts chose LogoBench and now they are enjoying a whopping commission every month.

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