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CaseStudy >> Pizza Master


An old and leading restaurant in New Jersey suffered a great setback when a new competitor was opened nearby. Pizza Masters' profits were ousted by the newbie in the market. Pizza Masters was nearly two decades old and was doing a fine business without any focus on marketing and brand appearance. After experiencing the downfall they decided to revamp their brand and reposition it entirely.


Pizza Masters decided to hire Logo Bench to cater to their designing needs. The Design Consultants had a detailed meeting with Pizza Masters' staff and gathered all their requirements meticulously. The requirements elicited were; what perception would the brand portray from then, what would be their target audience, what ambience would they be having in dining halls, what colors would they prefer etc. This information helped Logo Bench to identify that Pizza Masters wanted to target all age groups with focus on youngsters and new variety of fast food. We presented them with 11 trial logos of entirely different attire. Pizza Masters selected 4 logos which were polished with every minuscule detail of the requirement.


Finally when Pizza Masters revamped their brand and started using new marketing strategies along with new logo, it started making profits again. In next to no time, Pizza Masters managed to make most substantial profits in their history. And Pizza Masters is again people's first choice to dine-in in New Jersey.

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