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Article >> Brochure Design: 7 Golden Techniques to sell your business in a first glance!!

Brochure Design: 7 Golden Techniques to sell your business in a first glance!!

It is well said that brochure is the reflecting mirror of company's objective, competence and professionalism. Beware, if the brochure isn't much vibrant and appealing then you might loose your potential customer at your door step, as Brochure is the reflecting mirror that either may energize your prospects about your business or make them move in worst case.

Let's explore the brochure design techniques that will boldly define your company's objective and drive your customers to know more and more about you.

1: Know your customers
Knowing your customers is the primarily step to be taken. Know them demographically, analyze their interests, language they use, colors they love, tone they like, psychology they can be trapped by etc.
Everything you can get to get them.

2: Design a blend of Eye-captivating Headline and Complimenting Image
Keeping your customer's preferences in your mind, make an eye-catchy headline and compliment it with a pleasing image. These are the first two things readers will notice but be sure that the basic benefit or something extra they will be getting must be highlighted at front page.

Let's say if you are a yoga services provider then I suggest you to show a peaceful, relaxing, satisfactory and happy image with a soul-grabbing headline. They will feel it.

3: Go for Simplicity
What if your customers can't get what you wanted to deliver? Your philosophical designed brochure is of no use if your purpose isn't not properly fulfilled. Make your brochure simple and according to your customer's IQ/ EQ level.

4: Make your Brochure informative and conversational
How would you feel if somebody formally greets you and directly comes to the point? Isn't it sarcastic? Let your brochure go with the flow. Light and informative.

5: Set your image on 300 dots per inch resolution
Below 300 dots per inch, image becomes fuzzy and blurred.

6: Scream your Freebies/ Packages/ Special offer loudly
Your customers are more interested in special discounts, freebies etc. Highlight them with special effects, Colors, Images, and Designs etc.

7: Personalize your Brochure Design by folding styles
There is a variety of folding styles available in market. Get it according to your business and situation.
Fry your head with these hot-n-tasty techniques that may sell you your purpose in a glance.

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