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Consulting logo

A helping hand is always drawn in my mind's canvas when I hear about consulting companies. These companies provide technical, management and business solutions in various domains. From pharmaceutical companies to IT sectors to Business development, consulting companies are serving people to get ahead in business' race. Companies became more consulting-sensitive since it has been emerging as a Professionalism symbol in the new scenario of business.

As the consultation job is primarily based on the logical explanations and problem solving techniques. Thus, the LOGO must indicate the Intellect, Emotions and Humanistic approach simultaneously. It must inject the professional colors with the energetic shades that will convince people to connect with you for premium solutions for your business.

Colors which are often used are black, green, grey, navy blue and red.  Blend of orange and yellow portrays the energy, enthusiasm and success. Orange shows the creativity and innovative ways while black, blue and grey emphasis on professionalism, authority and guidance.

Clients will want the best business advice for their businesses from consulting companies so the LOGO should be professional and reliable because it is the picture that will talk first before your words.

An IT solution provider may have mouse or some Technology related picture in the logo, medical or pharmaceutical have medical equipments so the business management consultant companies have their respective pictograms which have to compliment the nature of business.

Being formal in nature, consulting companies use formal and official font styles to keep their professional and elegant look. Most consulting companies use Futura, courier and Times New Roman in LOGO.

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