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Article >> From Cluster Logo Designing to Flat Logo Designing

From Cluster Logo Designing to Flat Logo Designing

We have seen the rapid changing trend of logo designing from the conventional dull style wordy logos to the new style illustrative and simple logos. With the invest of Windows 8 and other improved operating systems, the trend is shifting from the colorful gaudy designs to the plain simple flat designs. It is obvious that with a flat operating system, a gaudy website or logo design would not complement properly, and would look like a mismatch.

Flat design is the latest buzzword in the design market, referring to the use of the sleek design pattern. After a few years designers will be tasked to find something more innovative and elegant than this as flat designing will be clunky at that very moment. Seeing the current trend of image sharing websites like Pinterest, solid blocked images will soon capture a pronounced place in both website and logo designing.

These sharing sites have actually shown that the words are redundant, even somewhat adverse for a community that does not share a language globally. Somewhat, the solution for this situation is all you need are the metaphors, hyperlinks and emotions to make the world communicate. Furthermore, by the next few years the GIF format will acquire a more prominent place in the logo designing industry, and it might be accepted as a standard form for art, billboard advertising and other pictures. The ability of GIF to produce a flawless replica of an original image will outrank other formats used today.

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