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Article >> How Logo designing and Niche Market is complimentary for each other?

How Logo designing and Niche Market is complimentary for each other?

When you see the tick on joggers, bags, bands or any other sports item, NIKE clicked in your mind without a second thought, Right? This is what we call Branding, portraying your Brand's Personality by your Logo Design.

No doubt, it's a time consuming, energy absorbing and extremely Hectic Process which requires your conceptualization ability, but once you are done it well, you are going to let people realized about your Brand. Your Logo design will say it all.
Let's find below standardized step-by-step process how Nike did it and how you can help your brand reach that height.

FIRST STEP: Niche Market Identification
If you are lacking even 0.1% in knowing about your niche market, Believe me you are at high frequency risk. Keep in mind, your product is not meant for everybody roaming around because everyone won't be interested in your milky-calcioumous-chocolaty ice-cream if they are grown enough and are 30 plus but pre-teens and young market will be more willing for your ICE-CREAMS.

Similarly, You need to know the specific group of people within major market whose needs and your business meet at single point. High efforts are required only.

SECOND-STEP: Niche Market Analysis:
Once you are over with the identification part, be ready for your market analysis.
Know what they like, what they wear, their attitude towards life, are they hyper, are they rational, do they like nature? Do they eat junk foods? Are they family oriented or friends? Their salary, financial position, spending attitude, buying behavior etc, everything about your niche market you can have.

THIRD-STEP: Branding Image
Now start thinking on Image they will be grabbed by and your business can be matched with.
Think twice how you want your product to be introduced as, it's attitude? Is it decent, or energetic? Experienced or freshly baked? Err.. does it sound weird?

Ok! Let me explain, when you think of NIKE, what comes in your mind? Energy? Passion? Ambition? Height? Excellence? Reliability? Durability? Is it trustworthy? Pricing is economical or high? Etc
That's exactly your product must be perceived by its personality.

FOURTH-STEP: Character Building
That's the image NIKE wanted to be and here people seeing it from its eyes. Color Combination, Tone, Features, Packages, Benefits, Performance, Value are the tools that can be used. You actually characterize your product as mother brings her child up by giving proper teaching, norms and customs.

FIFTH-STEP: Evaluation
Finally your product is ready to serve. Keep check and balance. Everything is on track? Fulfilling the meaning? Your product is going great ehh?
Till then, Stay Excited and know your customers.

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