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Article >> Tips for designing an identity for a brand

Tips for designing an identity for a brand

In this digital era the main and the most common thing around us is designing a logo for a company. Logos serve as a quick reminder of a company or a product which a certain company is offering to its customers. These are the points on which the branding of a company is hanging; and for the designers it is a challenge to incorporate the client's idea into one single image as a logo.

The main focus before designing a logo; How to create something original that makes you stands out from the sea of identities? And how do we create 100% good quality work within the limited time frame. Few steps which every designer need to follow before giving an outstanding identity to their clients are:

1. Research about your Audience; as knowing about the target audience makes it easy for the designer to evaluate, for whom the design is being made and Creating a pretty visual isn’t just what logo design about. What you are looking forward to, or taking part in, is communicating a standard position and also developing a good attractive image of a brand.
2. Imerssing one's self in brand; you want be able to design a logo until and unless you know about the brand properly. The basic thing it to evaluate the main the purpose of the brand such as: Who they are? What is the purpose behind the company? And what their demographics are?
3. Internet made it simple for making the brand known to people around the globe.Though online research could simply identify, what was the missing point due to which the logo design failed? Or what was the USP in the design which made it increase the customers for certain brand?
4. Imitation is the best source to show your sincerity towards the your designing hero’s but, fight with the temptation to imitate. When you feel lazy this is the most common way of solving problems by imitating the logo design of your design hero. Before doing so Ask yourself will this design be appropriate for your clients and will this typeface of 70s or 80s be fulfilling their requirements?
5. Do what seems best to you, Don’t let your clients dictate you about, how you should work. Look towards the creative brief given to you by the client’s, start asking queries if anything which is not written in a proper manner or if you don't understand something from the creative brief given by the client.
6. For good logo design Typography plays the main role. The two main routes to choose from are: creating your own custom typeface or adapting an existing one.Try not to make it too trendy if you create a custom logo design because it could rendezvous quickly. Keep it legible and delicate simple and Consider the words which you’re representing – if they’re unusual then a simple typeface might work better; if they’re common words than you can usually be more creative as it is more easy for others to recognize.

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