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Article >> Will your animated logo help in recognizing your business?

Will your animated logo help in recognizing your business?

I believe in the statement that if you want to memorize anything, then present it dramatically or in the image form because your brain instantly starts shaping up in your mind and once it is required, your brain brings it to the conscious state.

Pictorial representation does this miracle.

I can bet, majority remembers Yahoo with its exclamatory sign! Nike brings the swooshing image. Xbox play station sketches a box. Why these images click in mind? Why do companies have creative animated logos? Are they art lover? Do they have free hours to play with animation?

No they just want to be remembered in their customers' minds. Sooner or later, it can't be decided yet, It completely depends on the way logo has been designed but if you want to promote your business, you need to design an animated logo for your company whom people will relate your businesses with. In this regards, animated characters have great influence in human psychology, characters like a monster of, skeleton of Fido (sprite) etc.

Once your logo is liked by brains, appreciated by eyes and well memorized in your prospects, they are going to look at them again and again. In shopping malls, online web world, news papers, bill boards where ever they will see your animated logo, your business' image, what it does for people, what services/ products it has, what benefits people may get from, how different it is like questions start webbing in their minds and they start thinking over it.

And that's what a successful company takes. Now what should not be done?
Ambiguous and Meaning-less Animated Logo

Never go for vague animated logo which has nothing to do with your business. Your logo must have connection with your business, though either your customers understand it or not is up to their IQ/ EQ level. So you better know your target market first.

Overtly Animated
Animation is good, but don't make it over so the nature of business/ product/ service starts getting spoiled. Accounting logos, construction logos, pharmacy logos etc are few examples which are needed not to be overtly animated.

Restricted to one Logo
If you think you have made such an incredible logo which is going to make a blast in the respective area and this is full and final full stop.
You might be behaving like an over confident creature which I used to be, I admit. You never know when your high efforts get down like a froth of soap. Keep a spare logo design with you, just in worst case.

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