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CaseStudy >> C Product Solutions, LLC


We felt that there was a need of manufactures and retails for a niche bracket for the Corrosion Maintenance industry for the Oil & Pipeline companies that were responsible for installing oil lines. So, we thought of entering into this niche market and start manufacturing our brackets which can be used to prevent the corrosion of these pipes.


We found that the 'Product Solution LLC' market segment was mostly commercial groups, so the logo we make should bear sober color combination with standard and simple font styles. The client also required a simple illustration of corrosion and its repair in the image, so we kept all of this in mind and started working on it. Our designers showed their expert skills to give the impression that C Product Solutions, LLC should be considered the first service provider company in the mind of the customer.


The outcome was a planetary success for C Product Solutions, LLC. Not only they had incredible sales, but also increased its mass awareness and it was all possible through our experts, who managed to make it well-known and beyond imagination.

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