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CaseStudy >> Epic Direct Realty


Finding a home or a building for commercial purpose is quiet a hectic thing to do, as it takes most of your time searching for the right agent. We thought of a realty business where we can take care of all your worries and help you with both residential and commercial problems.


Epic Direct Realty selected a random sampling for their target audience. Their main purpose was to help those who wanted to find a right place to live. They contacted our designers and told them to design a logo that should be sophisticated yet it should represent hundreds of words. Furthermore, it should clearly state the main purpose of the Epic Direct Reality. Through LogoBench they received what they wanted as an identity, a simple illustrative logo for all their branding needs.


It has been a long time that Epic Direct Realty is using the logo designed by LogoBench team, who’re a bunch of professional designers. The need of brand remembrance is highly fulfilled with the logo we created for them and It’s a well known Company in the United States.

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