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CaseStudy >> Panama City Real Estate Agency


Panama City was a startup real estate business in US. Panama City did not focus on creating their brand name and logos in initial stages. But soon they realized need of proper branding solution in order to stand with some difference in the market and to be remembered easily by their customers.


Panama City communicated its need to Logo Bench and placed the order online. Our Design Consultancy team guided them throughout our competent design process. Design Consultants elicited the requirements from Panama City representative and analyzed their business need. After that Logo Bench's designers and consultants brainstormed the idea along with the whole team, and presented the customer with 6 diverse blueprints. Panama City selected 2 out of 6 blueprints which were further refined in granular details to satisfy the customer.


Now it's been quite a long time since Panama City is using the logo designed by Logo Bench and their need of brand remembrance is highly fulfilled.

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