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Web Video Design Process



Web Videos are used majorly to explain the viewers about what the firm do; what its products are and how effectively it can serve the customers. The first step to create a web video is to have a clearly thought – out concept i.e. from scene one to the last what story you want to depict in the video. Our design team would require you to present the concept in a detailed way to conduct the process effectively.



Once you've provided us with your ideas and requirements, we sit with our design team & start working on the script for your video. The script is written to give a proper direction to the video. We also refine your own written scripts. Our design team creates engaging & entertaining videos that are meant to suit the viewers taste. We create videos that are a representation of your business & will make your firm stand out.



It's time to sketch your story now. With the script being completely done, our design team then starts sketching your story scene by scene either on a card board or via Illustrator. The sketch artists we've in our design team have years of experience and are gifted with brilliant minds to transform your ideas into a life – living story. The storyboard created by our expert sketch artists persuades you to create an entire happening in your mind.



Now that the script is done and with the help of storyboard, your initial concept seems to be taking some shape, it is time to add some voice in your video. Since usually web videos are used to explain something, you need a narrator to play that role. Our voice over artists has clarity of speech and accents that suit every type of video.



Now is the time to add some color and life in your concept. Our design team also adds some custom – made music to you video to attract the viewers even more. Everything is done in – house from our design team; the music is also composed by our own artists. Expert design artists create an animation video for you that have state – of – the – art graphical production, amazing visual effects & accuracy of motion and speed.



Once the video is completed, it is being transferred to the editing department to perform all the necessary modifications. Our experienced editors enhance the appeal of the video by adding some value – added features. Once professionally edited, your video is produced and ready to publish anywhere you want. Our design team makes sure that only the high definition resolution videos are delivered to you.

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